Clip Index CL1=Caer Llan 1 (2002)
CL2=Caer Llan 2 (2003)
CL3=Caer Llan 3 (2004)

Title given
Year of project: detail of clip
Exploring CL1: Site 1 (sundial); Mal & site 4 (top lawn and scimitar steps); Nic & site 6 (old cottage in woods) 1.57
Early responses: Coshan
CL1: Adam talking about returning to the site and reviewing it 1.12
Early responses: Toumazou
and Rooney interview
CL1: Lydia and Anna talking about returning to Caer Llan and the weight of past associations 2.16
Bouffants CL2: Improvisation work preparing for bouffants;
Lorna, Sarah and others on path;
Eddie by the pool;
Shaun striding through;
Extracts from the performance at night
Games play (life-tag) CL3: Anna and Eddie explaining life-tag game;
Green team preparing;
Red team preparing;
Yellow team preparing
Games play (top field) CL3: Photos followed by video of playing games on the top field for Dionysios' interpretation of that space. (James & Steve skipping; Izzy & Tanya on cat's cradle; Carmen & Sally on patacake; Oranges & Lemons) 1.00
Mis-Llan CL3: The MA group introduce the core research group to mis-guide of Caer Llan where we are asked to, for example, chalk around any area we wish to and stare for some time at a house in the distance (map; talk; chalk; house)
Dance on the lawn follows
Site 6/ Mossy stones CL1: Start of scene at site 6 with people in trees; flute playing
Photos of remaining scene
CL2: 'Ghosts of the past' scene as filmed in the site;
'Ghosts of the past' replayed in window of house
CL3: Start of the MA group piece (hammering tune)
Site 2/ Pool and surround CL1: Bank Holiday bathers settling, diving;
Taking a picture;
In the car
CL2: Trying ideas for cocktail party;
'Performance' of the cocktail party at night
CL3: MA group explaining dual use of site;
Sample of sunflowers by pool and pool activities by sunflowers
Site 3/ Wasteland CL1: Woodland creatures playing, throwing waterbombs;
Girl who escaped from house joins in with the creatures in their games;
Sister calling but girl is stolen by creatures and disappears;
CL3: MA students: the site is a liminal territory, a battleground
Site 3/ Wasteland: Sam's tour CL3: Sam takes four people on a tour of her personal site to the 'feathery plants' and 'the love part' 7.07
The Years Pass CL3: Towards the end of Sally's Individual Response, a symbolic layering of years 1.21
The Virtuous Well CL3: Extracts from across the core research group's final piece from opening sentance near the start, to the final lament of the narrative 3.08
Dominic interview Retrospective: Louise talks of the detail she saw at Caer Llan 2.23
The bar / Dining room 1 CL1: Site 4 group rehearsing 0.32
Site 4 CL1: Extracts from the final Site 4 piece that matches the rehearsal in the dining room 0.36
The bar / Dining room 2 CL3: Two groups planning a welcome game for the MA group;
Using the dartboard as a complex plan for a soundscape
Recording the soundscape CL3: Matt H then Anna being recorded for the soundscape 1.24
Dining room: Breakfast installation CL3: Disrupting the breakfast room 1.01
Challenging the ideas CL3: Conversations where the core research group struggle with taking the tablecloth out of Caer Llan 5.27
Picnic CL1: Walking up to the top field, extracts from the picnic there, including the tablecloth moving 1.14
Security CL3: Eddie talks about being safe and secure at Caer Llan last year 0.40
Problems of praxis CL3: Sally talking about performance and performativity;
The pool group discontented about the interpretation of theory
Daily living A range of non-directly work-related activities in stills 0.46
Response to landscape CL3: Shaun talking about the landscape and wishing to paint it, not 'drama it' 1.04
Working together CL3: Sophie saying she wants to work with everyone in some way;
Anna the same - with variation;
Harriet - briefly - the same;
Ben T - and wishing to be directed and pushed
No audience/ MAs CL3 Interviews: Louise talking about the MAs adding something;
Shaun saying the relief of not having an audience
Re-seeing CL3 Interviews: Louise talking about re-seeing Caer Llan - the mis-guide; sunflowers;
Shaun - about being complacent and knowing the site. Talks about the mis-guide and Sam's piece by the MAs as challenging that complacency
Camera eavesdropping CL3: Shot of Keith talking to Anna and co, up to the balcony over to the wasteland and down to the pool 1.03
Eavesdropping Retrospective Interview: Lucy talks about the many different activities and eavesdropping 2.19
Nesting and temporary location Retrospective interview: Lucy talks about feeling at home, so at ease with experimenting 2.21
Working outdoors Retrospective Interview: Lucy talks about the freedom to play outside 3.06
Temporary communities Retrospective interview: Lucy talks about leaving home and playing as a community. Deals with the cleanliness of the environment too 7.28
Meal metaphor CL3: Ben M uses a meal metaphor about his concern that each year might be less effective 2.44
Reflecting on performing place Retrospective interview: Ben T talks about performing place and how it sits in his mind now 3.10
The Wall A reading by the author, Peter Filkins 1.30
Total time: (mins.secs) 84.32